To every Locum / Temporary Worker, the following information should give full transparency on how / when you will be paid.

All of our Locums will be contracted on a self employed basis

All hourly or day rates quoted at the time an agreement is signed, will be the exact amount a Locum will take as their payment for services. The Agency will make no deductions for tax or national insurance. The Locum will be responsible for paying all taxes and national insurance contributions themselves.

All payments made by the Agency to the Locum will be given on a fortnightly basis via direct bank transfer, AFTER receiving a completed timesheet, which has been signed by the Client. Payments will be made on 14th and 28th of each month. Timesheet's will need to be submitted at least 48 hrs prior to these dates.

Travel expenses and accommodation expenses can be claimed via proof of receipts, and will be paid in full by the Agency.

The Client will have no responsibility for making payments to the Locum. Regardless of whether the Client has cleared payments to the Agency for Locum services, it is the sole responsibility of the Agency to pay the Locum on the dates agreed, with no exceptions.

All Locum hourly rates will be at least 130% of the National Minimum Wage